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I have a painting of a co

manche indian and the artist's name at the bottom is Garcia.

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Q: Have you heard of an oil painter named garcia?
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Has anyone ever heard of an oil painter named winstin?

I have a painting by a Winstin.

Is there an oil painter named AL Nolan?

no, there isn't. There is a sports person called Al Nolen though!

Who is the oil painter Enderby?


Is there an oil painter called M England?

There is a oil painter called M England Because i worked on him in High School Xxx

Who was the painter who signed his oil paintings as A Broussier?

Armand Broussier an Italian seascape painter.

Where can I find information about an oil painter named Jan Buys?

Jan Buys was a South African artist who made oil paintings of various natural scenes and portraits of people. Jan was born in 1909 and died in 1985.

Have you heard of a painter of ships in oil called tom?

i have an oil painting of a napolian type war ship in heavy seas. the signature says tom. i no nothing else about it.all i do no is my father bought it for £70 in the mid 70,s in birmingham.

Who is oil painter Winger?

Kevin Winger is an oil painter. He has done pieces such as 'Artist's Choice' and 'Process-The Moment.' His collection can be found in San Diego, California.

Who was M Sardim painter?

Turkish painter. Medium mostly oil on canvas. Mostly Impressionist style

Was there a d motley who was a painter?

There is a painter by the name of D. Motley. His full name is David Motley. He did a lot of oil paintings.

Who is r. heyer - landscape oil painter artist?

no but i have an original oil canvas by r. heyer

Has anyone know of a painter named R Gladys Harris and her painting Ontario Highlands?

My family knew Gladys Harris intimately. We have a huge oil of a Muskoka scene in our living room. Anya Laurence