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Armand Broussier an Italian seascape painter.

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Q: Who was the painter who signed his oil paintings as A Broussier?
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What artist signed his paintings Almon?

Almon probably refers to Almon Baldwin, a nineteenth century American oil painter. He painted landscapes and marine scenes as well as portraits.

Was there a d motley who was a painter?

There is a painter by the name of D. Motley. His full name is David Motley. He did a lot of oil paintings.

Who is the landscape artist signed calvez bought oil paintings in early 1960?

Dorothy Howard from Fairborn Ohio painted paintings and signed them Howard or Calvez

Have painting signed rambert h oil on canvas can any one tell you about this painting thanks harveywrayhotmailcom?

Hello. I also have a large painting signed Rambert with some kind of initial. It is hard to tell if it is an H ? The painting is a realistic coastal scene 4' by 6'. I purchased it in the Sacramento California area. I was hoping that if you found any info on this painter, perhaps you could pass on your knowledge to me. My email address is hank you so for your help. Norman

Do you know of an oil painter from Spain called Beller circa 1960?

Ignacio Beller was one of the most famous oil painter from Spain during mid 1900's. His paintings are sold between $100 to $1,000.

I have two oil paintings of a country landscape and it's signed by the artist J Bossi is there any information out there on this artist?

I have also 2 landscapes in oil with signaturw J. Bossi. That is johann dominik Bossi , an italian painter 1767 - 1853, which is the german translation of Giovanni Domenico Bossi. Bossi lived from 1840 - 1853 under this name in Munich. The signature in my paintings is in red and the J is integrated in B.

Who is the water lily painter?

MonetWater Lilies (or Nympheas) is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840-1926).

What Realist convention did American painter Winslow Homer use in Prisoners from the Front?

Homer based his oil paintings on preparatory sketches that he made in the field.

Who was the canvas oil painter who signed his picture Enderby in right hand bottom corner?

Click link below for some info!

I have 2 watercolor paintings signed yolande are they yolande ardisson paintings?

Yolande ardisson signs his paintings "ARDISSON" also I have only seen his work in oil paints not sure if their oil based or water I have a set of 2 matching clown paintings maybe around the late 50"s early 60"s I was wondering the value if any?

Who is Roger Light and why is he such a popular wine painter?

Roger Light's wine paintings are so in demand because he is a classically trained oil painter who paints very interesting wine paintings that feature wines that collectors love. He is represented by Chattham Gallery, his originals are usually pre-sold, but his limited edition giclee's are in huge demand as well.

What is the value of Helen adele beres oil paintings?

Ialso have a signed Helen Adele Beres oil painting titled "Lake Union", I need to know the value please