Who is the oil painter Enderby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who is the oil painter Enderby?
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Who was the canvas oil painter who signed his picture Enderby in right hand bottom corner?

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Where was the Samuel Enderby from?

Samuel Enderby was an English whale oil merchant. In the 18th century, he fstarted Samuel Enderby & Sons, a prominent shipping, whaling, and sealing company in the 18th century. Samuel Enderby is also the name of a whaling ship in the classic novel, "Moby Dick."

What is the birth name of John Enderby?

John Enderby's birth name is John Edwin Enderby.

When did Samuel Enderby die?

Samuel Enderby died in 1829.

When was Samuel Enderby born?

Samuel Enderby was born in 1755.

When was Charles Enderby born?

Charles Enderby was born in 1798.

When did Charles Enderby die?

Charles Enderby died in 1876.

How many pages does Enderby Outside have?

Enderby Outside has 243 pages.

When was Enderby Outside created?

Enderby Outside was created in 1968-05.

When did Enderby - rock band - end?

Enderby - rock band - ended in 1998.

When was Kep Enderby born?

Kep Enderby was born on 1926-06-25.

When was Inside Mr. Enderby created?

Inside Mr. Enderby was created in 1963.