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no but i have an original oil canvas by r. heyer

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Q: Who is r. heyer - landscape oil painter artist?
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What type of an artist was van gogh?

A Post-Impressionist oil painter.

Who is oil painter Winger?

Kevin Winger is an oil painter. He has done pieces such as 'Artist's Choice' and 'Process-The Moment.' His collection can be found in San Diego, California.

Was Congressman John Bingham an artist oil painter?

No. Those are 2 different people.

Who is Charles Auguste Herbe?

He was a French artist who lived from 1801 to 1884. He was an oil on canvas painter.

Who is the artist painter LeRoy?

He is an American artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who specialized in still life subjects painted in oil.

Who is painter Glanz?

Jacob Glanz was a Dutch artist that was born in 1881. He mostly paint with oil and died in 1942.

Have you heard of an oil painter named garcia?

I have a painting of a co manche indian and the artist's name at the bottom is Garcia.

The inventor of glazing not oil based paints Court painter to the duke of burgundy?

The Court Painter to the Duke of Burgundy who invented glazing using paint was the artist Jan van Eyck. He was a Flemish painter during the Renaissance.

I have two oil paintings of a country landscape and it's signed by the artist J Bossi is there any information out there on this artist?

I have also 2 landscapes in oil with signaturw J. Bossi. That is johann dominik Bossi , an italian painter 1767 - 1853, which is the german translation of Giovanni Domenico Bossi. Bossi lived from 1840 - 1853 under this name in Munich. The signature in my paintings is in red and the J is integrated in B.

What artist painted with oil in extraordinary detail was credited with inventing oil paints as they know it today?

Jan van Eyck, Flemish painter, used to be credited for inventing oil painting.

Who was painter R Wagner?

I am looking for the American artist R Wagner and his oil color painting. my email is Thank you

Who is the painter e kunzel?

. I have a beautiful Oil Painting of a Woodland Scene by this artist. I am currently trying to learn more and if I do I will reply. Sam.

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