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Yes, I found two paintings.

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Q: Have you found a painting by Robert Scott?
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When was Robert falcon Scott's body found?

Captain Robert Falcon Scott's body was found in November 1912, along with the bodies of his companions, after they had perished on their return journey from the South Pole during their ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition.

What part of America did Robert falcon Scott found?

There is no documentation that Robert Falcon Scott ever set foot on any of the Americas.

What year was Robert Scott found and their country?

Captain Scott, Dr Wilson and Birdie Bowers were found in November 1912 by members of their expedition. All were British citizens.

What is the birth name of Robert Scott Crane?

Robert Scott Crane's birth name is Robert Scott Crane.

What is the birth name of Scott Robert Ritchie?

Scott Robert Ritchie's birth name is Scott Robert Ritchie.

Where did Robert Scott explore?

Robert Scott explore in antartica

Where was Robert Scott from?

Robert Scott was British, and was born in Devon, England.

Where is Robert Falcon Scott's body?

Robert Falcon Scott's body was discovered in 1912 in Antarctica, along with those of his companions, after they had perished during their ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. His body was found in a tent not far from the pole by a search party. Scott and his team's bodies were later interred in their tent by the search party as a mark of respect.

When was Robert Henry Scott born?

Robert Henry Scott was born in 1833.

When was Robert Scott Thompson born?

Robert Scott Thompson was born in 1959.

When was Robert Wellbeloved Scott born?

Robert Wellbeloved Scott was born in 1803.

When did Robert Wellbeloved Scott die?

Robert Wellbeloved Scott died in 1856.