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In the year 1920

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Q: When did Robert bateman start painting?
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What inspired Robert Bateman in painting?

He made 500

When was Robert Bateman - painter - born?

Robert Bateman - painter - was born on 1930-05-24.

When was Robert Bateman Secondary School created?

Robert Bateman Secondary School was created in 1993.

When robert bateman is dead?


What is Robert Bateman Secondary School's motto?

The motto of Robert Bateman Secondary School is 'Eye To Eye With Respect.'.

How old is Robert Bateman?

Naturalist and painter Robert Bateman is 87 years old (born May 24, 1930).

Did the artist Robert Bateman die?


Where does Robert bateman live?

At His House.. Duhhh :)

What date was Robert bateman born?


What artists paint nature scenes?

Robert Bateman is the most famous in this life time

What about Robert Bateman made him famous?

his wild life paintings made him famous.

What types of things does Robert bateman like to paint?

i dont frackin know