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he started painting in 1880

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Q: When did lawren harris start painting?
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What was lawren harris's most expensive painting?


How do you describe the painting Lake and Mountain 1928 by Lawren Harris?

Lake and Mountain 1928 by Lawren Harris is a striking abstract landscape painting featuring bold, geometric shapes and a harmonious color palette. The painting captures a serene and majestic scene of a lake nestled against a towering mountain, portraying a sense of tranquility and awe-inspiring beauty. Harris's use of simplified forms and vivid colors creates a powerful and contemplative atmosphere in the artwork.

What has the author Lawren Harris written?

Lawren Harris has written: 'Contrasts' 'Lawren Harris' -- subject(s): Arctic Archipelago (Nunavut and N.W.T.), Biography, Canada, Catalogs, Criticism and interpretation, Exhibitions, In art, Painters, Painting, Rocky Mountains 'Lawren Harris, paintings 1910-1948' 'Creative art and Canada' -- subject(s): Art 'The story of the Group of Seven' -- subject(s): Canadian Painting, Group of Seven (Group of artists), Modern Painting 'Paintings, 1910-1948'

What is Lawren Harris's middle name?

Lawren Stewart Harris

What is Lawren Harris's birthday?

Lawren Harris was born on October 23, 1885.

When was Lawren Harris born?

Lawren Harris was born on October 23, 1885.

Where did lawren harris travel?

Lawren Harris mostly traveled to the arctic to make his paintings.

What is Lawren Harris' parents name?

Lawren Stewart Harris' father was named Thomas Morgan Harris. Lawren Stewart Harris' mother was named Anna Stewart. She also had a brother named Howard Harris.

When does lawren harris like to paint?

Lawren harris got inspired for painting from his close friend Mcdonald ( group of seven painter) which made him start his amazing career. He is now known as the " leader" of the group of seven

When was Lawren P. Harris born?

Lawren P. Harris was born on 1910-10-10.

Who was the founding member of the Group of Seven whose painting Baffin Island was sold for 2.2 million in 2002 a record price for a Canadian painting at that time?

Lawren Harris.

What is Lawren Harris brothers name?

his brother's name was Howard Harris.