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Lawren Stewart Harris' father was named Thomas Morgan Harris. Lawren Stewart Harris' mother was named Anna Stewart. She also had a brother named Howard Harris.

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Q: What is Lawren Harris' parents name?
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What is Lawren Harris's middle name?

Lawren Stewart Harris

What is Lawren Harris brothers name?

his brother's name was Howard Harris.

What is Lawren Harris's birthday?

Lawren Harris was born on October 23, 1885.

When was Lawren Harris born?

Lawren Harris was born on October 23, 1885.

Where did lawren harris travel?

Lawren Harris mostly traveled to the arctic to make his paintings.

When was Lawren P. Harris born?

Lawren P. Harris was born on 1910-10-10.

What are lawren harris's kids names?


What awards or exhibits did Lawren Harris get?


What was lawren harris's most expensive painting?


Where was Lawren Harris schooled?

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When did lawren harris start painting?

he started painting in 1880

Does the public like Lawren Harris?

It seems they do. He is always asked about on WikiAnswers.