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Q: Did people like lawren harris' paintings at his time?
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When does lawren harris like to paint?

Lawren harris got inspired for painting from his close friend Mcdonald ( group of seven painter) which made him start his amazing career. He is now known as the " leader" of the group of seven

Does the public like Lawren Harris?

It seems they do. He is always asked about on WikiAnswers.

Why was the group of seven different from other painters at that time?

they were different from the other painters because they had painted scenery's meanwhile most painters had painted in a studio and the group of seven had painted things very abstract like especially lawren harris he painted things bold and cartoony you could say so instead of painting things like traditional paintings the had done the opposite to stand out from other artists

Why do people like Claude Monet's work?

people like his work because his paintings are very inspirational

Did people like Pablo Picasso's cubist paintings?

At first nobody did.

Who invented caveman paintings?

Nobody invented caveman paintings. Its something that people did ages ago. It just became a hobbie. Anybody can do caveman paintings, but it wont be like the one they did back then.

Why did Leonardo give his paintings eyebrows?

Because people have eyebrows, and he wanted to make his paintings real, not like something out of a Science Fiction movie.

What did Mozart do that made him famous?

He painted a lot and a lot of people like his paintings.

Why do people like Vincent Van Gogh?

Start with yourself! Do you like his paintings? If you do, you already have an answer. If you do not, ask somebody who does!

Did people like Leonardo da Vinci's paintings when Leonardo was alive?

No they hated it and despised him

Why do people like Colin McCahon?

Guess you mean his paintings which are powerful, beautiful and original.

Why does Fernando Botero draw round people?

Call it his style, if you like. Many people find his paintings faxcinating. I do.