How did Aline Gauguin die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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According to Pola Gauguin's book "My Father, Paul Gauguin", Aline Gauguin, Paul Gauguin's mother, died shortly after her house at St. Cloud was set on fire, as a result of bombardment during the Franco-Prussian war. Pola writes that apart from a few valuable pieces of furniture, everything was lost in the fire, including the family papers. At the time of her death, Pola writes that Paul Gauguin was on board the cruiser Dessaix with the French Navy, patrolling the area between Denmark and Sweden known as the Cattegat; when he arrived back in France in 1871, at the age of 23, he found himself orphaned. Paul Gauguin's daughter also called Aline, died in 1897 at the age of twenty from pneuonia after catching a chill on her way home from a ball.

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Q: How did Aline Gauguin die?
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