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Gauguin was a post-impressionist artist. You can see examples of his work at the related link.

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Q: What type of artist was Paul Gauguin?
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What famous artist painted in Haiti?

None really famous. Maybe you're thinking of Paul Gauguin who painted in Tahiti.

Was Paul Gauguin's father an artist?

No, he was a journalist.

Which artist visted van Gogh?

the answer is paul gauguin

Who is van Gogh's favorite artist besides him?

Paul Gauguin was.

Which artist did van Gogh threaten to kill with a razor?

Paul Gauguin.

Which artist left his family to paint full-time in Tahiti?

Paul Gauguin

Who else was workingas an artist at the same time as van gogh?

Paul Gauguin

What artist lived in the South Pacific?

Paul Gauguin did during the last years of his life.

What artist did Van Gogh paint with and later threaten to kill with a razor?

Paul Gauguin.

What are two other artist from the post impression movement?

Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin

What artist lived with van gogh for about 2 months to keep him company?

paul gauguin

Which artist impacted van Gogh?

I am not sure but I think it is Paul Gauguin whoi nspired him the most.