What is Paul Gauguin's medium?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oil paint on canvas.

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Q: What is Paul Gauguin's medium?
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What describes Paul Gauguins style?

bright color and solid flat forms

What is the time period of Paul Gauguins art work?

Post-Impressionism, the eart 20th century.

What were the names of gauguins children?

they had five children: Émile (1874–1955); Aline (1877–1897); Clovis (1879–1900);Jean René(1881–1961); and Paul Rollon (1883–1961).

What medium does Paul Cezanne work in?

Gouache, Oil, Watercolor, Other

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Ernest Ponthier de Chamaillard French Revolution art work?

The amateur artist, school of the north, ( Pont Avon, France). Influenced and studied under Paul Gauguin. He was Paul Gauguins Lawyer.Ponthier painted mostly outdoor landscapes ,the water in most of his paintings had a silvery color.Ponthier lived in Pont Avon, France around the end of 1800,s until his death around 1928? He made and lost fortunes and died in Paris, France , penniless. There are stories told about the "Lost Paintings Of Ponthier de Chamaillard",It is said a wealthy American purchased several of his paintings when he was down on his luck in Paris and returned them to America where they are now in private collections.I hope this helps answer your question?

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The medium I used was.