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He made his sculptures by crafting them with metal on a machine

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Q: How did Naum Gabo create his sculptures?
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When was Naum Gabo born?

Naum Gabo was born on August 5, 1890.

What has the author Naum Gabo written?

Naum Gabo has written: 'Of divers arts'

What is Naum Gabo's birthday?

Naum Gabo was born on August 5, 1890.

How old was Naum Gabo at death?

Naum Gabo died on August 23, 1977 at the age of 87.

How old is Naum Gabo?

Naum Gabo died on August 23, 1977 at the age of 87.

What materials did naum gabo use?


Where did naum gabo live and work?

in france

What connection is there with Naum Gabo's heads with African masks?

they look pretty much the same

What type of artist was Naum Gabo?

Naum Gabo was a Russian artist and sculptor. He was born the 5th of August of 1890. He is considered one of the pioneers of the artistic movement called Kinetic Art, also he worked in the development of 'Constructivism' in sculpture. He was brother of another recognized artist, Antoine Pevsner, that's why he adopted the artistic name of 'Gabo', to avoid the immediate connection of his name with his older brother. Even when at first he studied natural sciences and medicine, soon he discovered abstract art and decided to follow his real calling, becoming a painter and sculptor.

What artists is the kinetic sculpture associated with?

The kinetic sculpture is associated with artists such as Alexander Calder, Jean Tinguely, and Naum Gabo. These artists are known for creating dynamic works that move or have a sense of motion.

What nicknames does Gabo Sanchez go by?

Gabo Sanchez goes by Gabo.

what did Sumerian sculptures create that was different from earlier sculptures?

Go die in hole