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Q: How do you find an artist to fix a Homer Costello oil painting?
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How do you find an artist to a painting by the paintings name?

Very often you can just google the name of the painting and find the artist. what if you don't have a title on your painting?

Who is artist A Fenti Pini you have a painting of a mother and a baby looking up at herit is beautiful but you can not seem to find out who the artist is?

A Fenti Pini is a famous artist.A Fenti Pini is the artist.

How can you find the artist and title of a painting by description of subject?

girl on floor with martini

I too have a beautiful landscape painting signed by B Chipton I can't find any info on the artist Can you help?

I have a B Chipton painting also. I was trying to find the artist also. I would include a picture of the painting but wiki doesn't appear to be able to accept pictures.

How can you find out which artist did your painting with only their last name signed.Their are more then one artist with the same last name?


What is the name of the painting of the man rowing the boat from the movie good will hunting?

It looks like a Winslow Homer painting but I have yet to find the exact picture. It may not exist.

How can you find the value of a painting that Van Dam did of Ann Hathaway's cottage in sand painting?

I have several "sand" paintings by an artist named Van Dam, but I can't find anything online about the artist or paintings. My parents bought them when we were living in England in the 1970's. Do you know anything about the artist, like a first name?

You inherited a nice framed clown painting by W Bayer and cant find out anything about the artist so is the painting worth anything?

I have the same problem

Where can you find information on floral stillife painter Rossy?

I have been trying for some time to find information on this artist. I also have a floral painting by this artist and would appreciate any information available. Does this painting have any value? You can email me at

Anyone heard of a painter called m kersten?

Yes. My father in law has a beautiful painting from this Artist but I can't find any info on the artist

Anything about an artist named Steve Stephenson The painting is called 'Safety Through the Storm' and shows a truck with Jesus being the co-driver?

I have the same painting, but can't find anything about the Artist. Does anyone have any information?

How do you find out if painting is authentic?

It depends on the artist technique, artists do this all the time to sell their work to the public.