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Q: How many paintings did goya produce?
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How many bullfighting paintings did Goya do?


Many of Francisco Goya's paintings detailed the horrors of what event?

War More specifically, his paintings were about the invasion of Spain by French troops under Napoleon.

What was the name of the artist that painted the set of 80 capricho aquatint paintings?

The name of the artist that painted a set of 80 capricho aquatint paintings is Francisco Goya. Francisco Goya was from France and he painted the set of aquatint paintings in 1797 and 1798.

How did Goya painting portray his life?

Black paintings

Where is the place to see Goyas?

The best collection of Goya's paintings is in the Prado museum, Madrid, Spain

What has the author Francisco de Goya written?

Francisco de Goya has written: 'Francesco Goya: Krigen' 'The disasters of the war' '[paintings]' 'Drawings' 'Tauromachie' 'Los Desastres de la guerra' 'The disasters of war' -- subject- s -: Pictorial works, History 'Grabados y litografias de Goya' 'La Teuromaquia and The bulls of Bordeaux.' 'Goya grabador' 'Fifty drawings by Francisco Goya'

What are the names of Francisco Goya murals?

Goya was a very prolific artist, he did many paintings, a few cartoon series, 'los Caprichos' etchings, a series known as 'The Disasters of War' and his most well known third of May painting. In his later years he did cover the walls of the home where he lived (in the outskirts of Madrid) with some fresco like paintings, later transferred to linen cloth, and generally referred to as the Black Paintings, among these is 'Saturn' (c. 1821-1823).

What romantic artist was in Spain when Napoleon overthrow its government one of his paintings shows a reaction to his dislike of the new government?


What type of medium did Francisco Goya use in his painting The Family of Carlos the V?

They are oil paintings.

What landscape paintings did Claude Monet produce?

Paintings in the style of Impressionism.

Who is the model in the Francisco Goya painting Nude Maja?

There are several theories as to who might be represented in both of Goya's Maja paintings. The Duchess of Alba, who is known to have modeled for him, is one possibility. See the related link for more information.

How many original paintings did Picasso produce?

Pablo Picasso paintings have been given many different estimates. It is suggested that in total Picasso created around 50,000 works of art. Out of these it is estimated that Picasso made 1,885 paintings.