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They are oil paintings.

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I believe it was oil painting.

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Q: What type of medium did Francisco Goya use in his painting The Family of Carlos the V?
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When was the painting of The family of Carlos IV created and what medium did he use?

It was created the Spring and Summer or 1800. The medium was Óleo or oil. [Please do not cheat to get answers at Connections Academy]

What is a painting medium?

A painting medium is the type of material which the artists uses to create the painting. Some painting mediums are oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

what medium used by pablo amorsolo?

Painting :)

Is fresco painting an art medium?


What does medium in a painting mean?

Its the type of paint u used. It can go for all art, for example: drawing in pencil, the pencil is the medium. In painting the oil paint is the medium. Coloring using chalk the chalk becomes the medium etc.

What medium is used in the painting 'Washerwomen in the Morning at Quimperle' by Frits Thaulow?

It is an oil painting.

What painting medium introduced in the 1950s has challenged the supremacy of oil painting?

Acrylic paint

Can vegetable oil be a medium for painting?

because its a liqud and can be purified.mixed with other medium

Which is the most general term of painting?

Painting is the most general term of painting. The word painting can refer to the act of applying the medium and the finished product.

What medium is used by Georges Henri Rouault in his painting of The Way to Calvary in 1891?

It is an oil painting.

Why did Georgia O'Keeffe use oils?

Oil painting is, and has been, the most common painting medium.

What is the medium for Picasso's 'Girl in Chair'?

It is an oil painting.