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"It wasn't easy. True success in any field never is easy. Gene Gray's success is deep-rooted in a talent and a philosophy. He believes that art endures only so long as people themselves take to heart that which the artist portrays and that the truly successful artist calls attention to the enduring things in his lifetime. After graduating from Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky, he served in the U. S. Navy. After service he majored in fine arts at the University of Kentucky, then graduated from the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida where he presently resides, on Siesta Key, known for its colony of well-known artists and writers. Through his publisher, Green River Graphics House in Campbellsville, Kentucky, Gene publishes five paintings a year in the form of limited edition prints. He is well-known as one of the premier wildlife artists in the world. . . . Gene finds time in his hectic schedule to use his talents for worthy causes and his prints created especially for universities, conservation projects, and building projects.. . .

The Publisher

Green River Graphics House, Campbellsville, KY ©1977 California State University, Chico

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I knew artist gene gray who lived in Lexington KY I have several of his prints including holy bull the mallord ducks Ida and Ada mules Willie Nelson painting. Is this the same person I knew

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Q: Information on wildlife artist Gene Gray?
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