Is Amrita Sher Gill a painter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Amrita Sher-Gil was a painter, died 1941.

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Q: Is Amrita Sher Gill a painter?
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Which female artist's painting was prould restored by INTACH?

its either raja ravi verma jamini roy or amrita sher gill

When did Amrita Sher-Gil die?

Amrita Sher-Gil died on 1941-12-05.

When was Amrita Sher-Gil born?

Amrita Sher-Gil was born on 1913-01-30.

Was Amrita Sher-Gil a famous painter of India?

Yes. Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941) was born in Hungary and her father was a Sikh. Her short artistic career was from around 1930 until her death, with notable works produced between 1932 and 1939.

Who created the well known painting girl in conversation?

amrita sher-gil painted the famouspainting "Girls in Conversation"

Did INTACH restore amrita sher gil's painting?


What has the author Sofia Shafquat written?

Sofia Shafquat is the author of "Amrita Sher-Gil: A Self-Portrait in Letters and Writings," a book that explores the life and work of the renowned Indian painter Amrita Sher-Gil.

What has the author Deepak Ananth written?

Deepak Ananth has written: 'Amrita Sher-Gil' -- subject(s): OUR Brockhaus selection, Painting

Did Amrita Sher-Gil ever paint at lucknow studio?

someone said that she had studio space at Lucknow Art College and painted there too.

Who is the artist Suzette?

Sher is a painter born in South Africa now living in England. Click link below to learn more about her and see some of her works!

Who is amrita kaur?

amrita kaur is awesome

Which is better vit or amrita?

amrita is best