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No. This list would cover millions of people from the cro-Magnons to today. It would include everyone from Raphael and Monet to the man in the house on the corner! Answer: One fairly comprehensive list can be found at the Art History link below.

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Q: Is there an alphabetized list of all painters and artists?
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What is the name given to artists who paint and draw pictures?

All those people who make art. Besides painters there are sculptors, engravers, video artists, etc.

Who are the top three artists of all time and why?

My personal, subjective list: Rembrandt, Velazquez, Picasso for their superior skill and their lasting influence on painters through the ages.

Who are the artists that influenced Sidney Nolan?

All French Barbizon painters

What connects martin schongauer Giorgione Andrea del Sarto and Holbein?

They are all artists (painters)

Which of the following is an example of complex sorting?

Mina entered the first and last names of all of her employees and then alphabetized the list

Where can one find painting contractors?

Almost every state requires painting contractors be licensed and bonded. In order to find a list of licensed painters in your area you may contact the licensing agency and search for local painters or ask the agency for a complete list of all painters in the state.

What country did William Robinson live in?

There are many artists and painters from all over the world. William Robinson was a painter and a lithographer who lived in Australia.Ê

Early medieval artists borrowed heavily from all of the following except A. ancient Greek painters. B. the Minoan civilization. C. ancient Egyptian artists. D. the Greco-Roman tradition.?


What did the ‘Christian witches’ do to Le Brun?

Was one of the finest eighteenth-century French painters and among the most important women artists of all time

Do painters consider themselves artist?

Yes, nearly all painters would consider themselves artists. Painting has historically been considered one of the major fine arts. Yes, painting is a form of art. Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali are famous painters. Learn more at

Can you see the list of all artists with the first name Hans?

No, sorry!

Who are all of the 19th century artists?

Do you really believe we could give you a list of thousands and thousands of artists? I don't think so.