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Click link below for a gallery of all the famous painters!

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Q: Where can you find pictures of some famous painters?
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Are painters famous?

Some are some are not.

Which painters became famous postmortem?

There are many painters that became famous post mortem. Some are El Greco, Henry Darger, and Paul Penils. These painters all were famous after they died.

Who are some famous painters from Peru?


What are some famous painters of Nicaragua?

Erick Blandon

Who are some famous painters in china?

Lu' Chung

Pictures of jamaican instruments?

You might be able to find some at The gallery of West Indian Art, they have works from 22 Jamaican Painters. The link is below.

Who are some famous Filipino women painters?

Araceli Limcaco-Dans

What are some famous painters during the great depression?

Some ppl like Zach

What are some famous painters that begin with the letter L?

Leonardo da Vinci

Famous painters in Ireland?

There are many notable painters from the country of Ireland. Some of these include Pauline Bewick, Egerton Coghill, and Francis Danby.

Need my deck painted, where can I find painters that do outside work?

I need to get my deck painted. How can I find some painters that also do outside work?

Who was Albert was he a famous painter?

There are sure to be many people named Albert. Some of them are bound to be painters.