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This is an odd question. It makes me wonder if you know the meaning of the word value.

Value describes the lightness or darkness of a color.

If you know this you will understand that all painters (except perhaps some modern ones) use darker and lighter tones of color in a picture.
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Q: Which famous artist used value in paintings?
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What famous artist used tessellations in paintings?

That would be MC Escher from Holland. He specialized in prints using lithography and woodblocks.

When was artist used to make their own paintings?

poois correct

What artist used only primary colors in his paintings and was born in 1861?

Piet Mondrian used only primary colors in his mature work, but he was born in 1872. No famous painter was born in 1861.

Who is the artist of configuration?

Configuration is a title that several artists have used for abstract paintings.

How does an artist use geometry?

Geometry is used in drawings and paintings to provide the angles of the point of view that the artist is depicting an object.

Who is George surat?

George Surat is an impressionist, (a type of artist) and and he used dots to do his paintings.

Which artist often used Mary Magdalene as a subject in his paintings?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

How did french artist jean-baptist-siimeon chardin use naturalist conventions in his paintings?

Naturalist conventions used Chardin depicted ordinary people in his paintings. He also used activities with a sense of realism.

What famous artist have used the grid technique?

Chuck Close.

What famous artist used watercolors?

Monet and Manet both used water colours.

What does a landscape artist do?

He/She makes smaller or bigger changes in the landscape. Sometimes the term is also used about a painter who makes paintings of landscapes.

What mediums does Vladimir kush use in his work?

Vladimir Kush's surreal paintings' are very famous. The medium he used mostly too make his paintings was oil on canvas. He also has some paintings with gilcee on Canvas.