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  • Whoever needs the answer for E2020, the answer is Flemish, b. (:
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Q: Jan and hubert van eyck and brueghel were part of what group?
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What did Jan van Eyck do?

Jan van Eyck painted himself into the portraits he was commissioned with (specifically, the Arnolfili Marriage). This is an equivalent to signing his name on the painting, or otherwise showing his ownership of the piece, which is a Renaissance concept because Middle Ages artists never signed/claimed their pieces.

When was Saint Hubert of Liege born?

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Who was not part of the Northern Renaissance Michelangelo Hans Holbein Jan Eyck or Albert Durer?

Michlangelo. He worked in Italy, not in Northern Europe.

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Hubert J. Freestrom has written: 'All and part' -- subject(s): Classification, Juvenile literature, Matter 'Place and space' -- subject(s): Geometry, Juvenile literature

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