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domestic scenes

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Domestic scenes -

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Q: Most of Vermeer's paintings other than portraits depicted?
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What physical characteristics does hades have that are different from gods or goddsses?

In paintings and other art he is often depicted as a dark-bearded, regal god.

Can portraits be of anything other than people?

Sure, there are also many portraits of animals.

What did Paul Cezanne create?

Cézanne explored shape and color by painting the still lifes of fruit and other things. A large number of his paintings are landscapes. He also painted people: portraits, bathers, card players and more.

What type of paintings did van Gogh paint?

Vincent painted whatever came into his mind, he painted many different flowers, whether they were in vases or growing wild, he has done paintings of night scenes and several so called self-portraits, and also of gardens.

Does other peoples paintings need an apostrophe?

Yes. It should be: other people's paintings

What paintings did van Gogh create?

In his relatively short career he produced over 800 paintings. He painted more self portraits than any other artist. A well known work of his is 'The Starry Night'. He also painted sunflowers, apple blossoms, street scenes and still lifes. A painting called 'The Potato Eaters' is considered by many to be his masterpiece.

How do the cave paintings in Africa compare to cave paintings in other parts of the world?

They are both cave paintings

What impact did Pieter Bruegal the Elder have on the Renaissance?

Pieter Bruegel is known as one of the first renaissance artists to recognize a landscape on its own and not just the backgrounds of religious paintings. He also decided to paint about peasants who fascinated him. He also made paintings that were very complex and hard to understand. This led to a whole new creative style of painting, which was about peasants and landscapes, not just portraits and religious paintings. So Pieter decided to paint what he wanted to paint and not what every other artist at that time painted. This influenced other painters at that time as well.

What kind of paintings did Edgar Degas paint?

About 1200 paintings and 75 small-scale sculptures by Degas are known.Some well-known titles are:The Bellelli Family (1858-1867)Woman with Chrysanthemums (1865)Chanteuse de Café (c.1878)At the Milliner's (1882)He also made many paintings of ballet dancers.

What is the writing found in caves called?

The writings on Taino cave walls are called Petroglyphs. They aren't restricted to Taino cave writing, other Petroglyphs occur worldwide. For the taino these cave paintings often depicted the spiritual forces they believed in throughout the caribbean, and weren't neccesarily writing in a convential modern sense.

How were portraits used as propaganda Romans?

The Romans did not do portrait paintings. The made wall painting (frescoes) depicting all sort of scenes: nature scenes, scenes of myths, battles, groups of women, animals, etc. The only portraiture was sculptural (busts). The purpose of Roman portraits was the same as the one found in all societies throughout history, including today (expect that now it is done mostly through photography). It projected the images of important people who commissioned them and preserved them for posterity.. They were politicians and statesmen, politicians, aristocrats or intellectuals.

What did William h Johnson do?

William was an African American painter. He used his paintings in contribution to the Harlem Renaissance. William was inspired to paint images and portraits of other human beings in his life, mostly African Americans. Johnson was a great painter and will always be remembered by others, such as Konrad Turek.