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shift the focus from realism to emotion

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angaser etwa savi dewar monsieur

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What was one purpose of Expressionist works?

shift the focus from realism to emotion.

What style of painter was Edvard Munch?

He was an expressionist painter.An expressionist.

Expressionist music is generally thought of as?

expressionist music is generally thought of as

What was the Henry Matisse was a French Expressionist artist who was one of the leaders of the?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Expressionist - 2007?

The cast of The Expressionist - 2007 includes: Justin Garner as The Actor

What style did franz Marc paint?

He was an Expressionist painter. Some of his most famous works are Deer in the Woods, The Fate of the Animals, The Lamb, and Fighting Forms.

Why did Marc chagall became interested in expressionist art?

Marc Chagall became interested in Expressionist art when his friend Guillaume Apollinaire introduced him to Herwarth Walden. Walden was a German Expressionist painter.

What is the adjective of expression?


Is starry night impressionism?

Like most of Vincent van Gogh's paintings it expressed emotions, and can therefore be called expressionist, although there was no expressionist movement at the time. The Renaissance was 1400s and early 1500s.

Was Pablo Picasso Expressionist?

He did not work together with the French expressionist group. Braque gave up Expressionism and started Cubism with Picasso. On the other hand: over the years some of Picasso's paintings could be labeled expressionist.

Was Jolomo an impressionist?

No, more of an expressionist.

Who are the Filipino expressionist?

Marigold Villaruz