Surrealist Italian painter

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Giorgio de Chirico

Note: He predates the surrealists.

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Giorgio de Chirico was an Italian surrealist

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Q: Surrealist Italian painter
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Who is the Italian painter some consider the first surrealist and born in 1527? is probably the guy you're looking for. A fantastic surrealist artist, of Italian stock, born in Greece.

Surrealist Italian painter influenced by Dali Magritte and Ernst?

Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) was the Italian painter who founded the Metaphysical school of painting and was an enormous influence upon the Surrealists. Note: He predates the surrealists.

Was Leonardo da Vinci an impressionistic painter?

No, he was a Renaissance painter, more than 300 years before Impressionism.

Was Salvador Dali a best-known cubist painter?

No, he was a surrealist painter.

Who is Rene Magritte?

He was a Belgian surrealist painter.

Who said for the first time Frida Kahlo is a surrealist painter?

Whoever said it was wrong. She was not a surrealist.

Is Alexander calder considered a surrealist painter?

No. Calder is an abstract sculptor.

Who was Richard benedetti?

painter, surrealist born 1925. died 1992

What is Rene Magritte's painting style?

Rene Magritte is a surrealist painter

20th c surrealist painter Salvador?

Salvador Dalí. Click link below!

Why should you remember Joan Miro today?

Joan Miro is a Spanish (Catalan) surrealist painter.

Name of the Italian painter who coined automobile?

Italian painter who coined the word automobile