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Jasper Johns

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Q: US painter sculptor and printmaker whose work greatly influenced the Pop Art movement?
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Who belonged to the pittura metafisica movement which greatly influenced surrealism?

Giorgio de Chirico belonged to the pittura metafisica movement.

What were the causes of Renaissance period?

the Renaissance was an age of enlightenment in religion and was a large movement of art affected greatly by Christianity

What was the difference between the Harlem renaissance art and negritude art?

A very interesting question, and an important one. The negritude movement came about as a result of negritude writers meeting black American intellectuals in Paris, the black American writers including langston Hughes, Claude McKay and Countee Cullen. These intellectuals found what they considered to be a common ground in the black experience, and the negritude movement was born. So to answer the question, first of all, the Harlem Renaissance preceded negritude. The negritude writers Cesaire, Senghor and Damas were inspired by the black American art movement. The Harlem Renaissance was set into motion by the concept of The New Negro. It must also be noted that there were several important women, the Nardal sisters, who actually introduced the black American art to Cesaire and the others. The Nardal sisters are not given their due, but they are the ones greatly responsible for the negritude movement. Hope this helps.

Why do artists use symbols?

Artists like Frida Kahlo use symbols mostly to symbolize their feelings through something similar. Also cultural heritage as well as culture and other influences are used as symbols to represent their emotions and their belonging. For example Frida Kahlo used animals and plants to show babies because she greatly missed not being able to have them

What relevance does donatello have today?

The early Italian Renaissance artist, Donatello, contributed greatly to sculpture and studies on Italian culture through the centuries. His statue of David, one of the world's most notable statues, was unique in that it marked a resurgence in independently standing nude portraiture. Because of his choice of subject matter and his realistic style, sculptors and artists find inspiration in his work today.

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What modern European movement was greatly influenced by African art?


Who belonged to the pittura metafisica movement which greatly influenced surrealism?

Giorgio de Chirico belonged to the pittura metafisica movement.

What philosophical movement greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson?

Michael bloxx Two works of political science that greatly influenced the constitution of the united states were: Cyropedia by Xenophon The Prince by Machiavelli

What philosophical and literary movement centered in New England that greatly influenced many American writers of early 19t century?

it's Trancendentalism

In the fields of art and literature Romans were greatly influenced by the culture of whom?

Romans were greatly influenced by the culture of Greece.

The leader of the Transcendentalist movement was Alexis de Tocqueville?

There was no such person as "The leader of the Transcendentalist Movement." That movement through its many guises can be traced back in Protestantism as far back as Fausto Socinius during the Reformation. It came to England from Holland as "The Broad Church Movement." One of the most important American leaders was Ralph Waldo Emerson. The thinking greatly influenced American Education through Horace Mann. It created the Unitarian Church. It greatly influenced American thought and continues to influence it.

What two groups greatly influenced Argentina's society and culture?

Italy and Spain greatly influenced Argentina's society and culture.

What is the literary or philosophical movement of the declaration of independence?

The Enlightenment was the literary and philosophical movement in Europe that greatly influenced the Declaration of Independence. The idea of the consent of the governed, for example, was drawn from philosophers of the movement.

What state is greatly influenced by its rivers?


Teotihuacan was greatly influenced by the?


What greatly influenced the lives of Egyptians?


The Xiongnu and Scythians were what tribes?

The Xiongnu and Scythians greatly influenced Central Asia.