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Yes, one of the most noticable influences in his art was Boudin who showed him the "en plein air" techniques.

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Q: Was Monet influenced by other artists?
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Who influenced monet?

Monet stated that the greatest influences on his art career were paintings from John Constable and J.M.W. Turner. These two artists paintings can be found on in museums around London.

What artists influenced Berthe Morisot?

Camille Corot, who taught her when she was young. Edouard Manet, they were great friends, although they did not have the same goal when painting. And Monet, Renoir and the other impressionists.

What encouraged Claude Monet and other artists to open an independent exhibition?

what encouraged them was they became artists at an early age

Who influenced Claude Monet the most?

His work was a revolt against the old style. Manet bridged the gap to Impressionism so Monet was influenced by him as well as his other Impressionist friends.

What are artists influenced by?

Lots.. artists can be influenced by the things around them for inspiration like objects or people.. memories or things they feel. Others are influenced by art movements or othewr artists

What are Claude Monet's major achievements?

claudes monet most important contribution to society was painting for the homeless people

Why does Monet layer his paint?

Most artists did.

Who is Wassily Kandisnky's favourite artists?


Who are some famous foreign artists and what are their works?


Renoir and Monet are famous as what?

The first impressionist artists.

Who are three different artists?

Monet, Dalí, Picasso.

What country are the artists renoir and monet from?

They were from France and worked there.