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Provence is the land of artists because artists have been painting there since prehistoric times. Some famous artists associated with Provence are:

Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Picasso

Claude Monet

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Q: Why is provence the land of artists?
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Who are 4 impressionist artists associated with Provence?

Among the famous impressionists only Renoir worked in Provence. There were other famous painters in Provence, but they were not impressionists: van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne, Bonnard, Signac.

What is the largest Canadian provence in land area?

Quebec is the largest:)

What is the largest of the three prairie Provence's land size in Canada?

Alberta is the largest prairie province by land size. Saskatchewan is the prairie province with the most prairie land.

When was Quebec a provence?

Quebec was a provence in 1793

What does en provence mean?

"En Provence" means "in Provence" in French. Provence is a region in southeastern France known for its beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and Mediterranean climate.

Provence in Italy?

no, Provence is one of the main regions in France

How do say I love Provence in French?

J'aime la Provence

When was Margaret of Provence born?

Margaret of Provence was born in 1221.

What is Lançon-Provence's population?

The population of Lançon-Provence is 8,010.

When did Guerin of Provence die?

Guerin of Provence died in 845.

When did Richilde of Provence die?

Richilde of Provence died in 910.

When was Farmhouse in Provence created?

Farmhouse in Provence was created in 1888.