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no, it was american gothic

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Q: Was migrant mother grant wood's famous painting?
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What is Grant Wood's most famous painting?

The American Gothic is probably his most famous painting.

What did grant wood make?

Grant Wood is an artist and painter who was born in 1891. He is most famous for his painting titled American Gothic.

Who painted the couple with pitchfork?

Probably the most famous painting of a couple with a pitchfork is American Gothic by Grant Wood

Who is Grant's mother?

Gloria Grant is Natalie Grant's mother.

Who is Natalie Grant's mother?

Gloria Grant is Natalie Grant's mother.

Who painted the grant wood painting?

Grand Wood painted on canvas using mostly oils and acrylics. He is famous for painting "American Gothic", a painting of a farmer and his wife outside their farmhouse. He painted scenes of rural America.

Why is Natalie Grant famous?

Natalie Grant is famous because she is a Christian singer.

Need help locating information about grant woods painting young corn? Wood

What is grant hackett famous for?

Grant Hackett is famous because he was an nonoperational Olympic swimmer for Australia.

Why was grant wood famous?

he was a famous artist

Who painted the Pitchfork painting?

Grant Wood painted the "American Gothic" (aka - pitchfork painting as you call it) -Altizzi

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