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The artist that signed his paintings with the signature Dennis, was Denis Dutton.

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Q: What artist signed their paintings with the signature Dennis?
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What artist signed his paintings as tw?

what artist signed his paintings as t.w

Who is the artist who signed their paintings L D in the early 1900s?

Did you managed to find the answer to it? I have chalk paintingon board with same signature I would like to identify.

What artist signed his paintings with his initials HT?

H. T. Anderson?

Who is the landscape artist signed calvez bought oil paintings in early 1960?

Dorothy Howard from Fairborn Ohio painted paintings and signed them Howard or Calvez

Did van Gogh paint over his signature?

I believe most of his early paintings are not signed. In his later years he signed the ones he considered finished.

Which artist signed their paintings with AAB?

Unfortunately, there is not any artists that are signed with AAB anymore. The company shut its doors on June 8, 2014.

Where do i find out about a dutch artist who signs his paintings with an insect rather than a name?

The German painter Lucas Cranach signed his paintings with a tiny dragon.

Who is Donna Prescott Watson?

I have 2 paintings signed by artist Donna Watson and the other signed by Donna Prescott Watson. Would these be worth anything?

Who is the vintage oil painting artist signed ARLIS Looks like it is from the fifties or earlier you cannot find any information if anyone has seen this signature which is in all caps?

I have one of his paintings. It was a wedding gift to my parents in Montreal in the late 1940's

I have two oil paintings of a country landscape and it's signed by the artist J Bossi is there any information out there on this artist?

I have also 2 landscapes in oil with signaturw J. Bossi. That is johann dominik Bossi , an italian painter 1767 - 1853, which is the german translation of Giovanni Domenico Bossi. Bossi lived from 1840 - 1853 under this name in Munich. The signature in my paintings is in red and the J is integrated in B.

Do you have a picture of Vincent van gogh's signature?

Many of Van Gogh's paintings were signed. If you look closely at his works you can see his signature. See Sources and Related Links, further down this page, to see images of his signature.

Were all paintings signed by Jasper Francis Cropsey?

No, not all paintings by Jasper Francis Cropsey were signed. Some of his works may lack a visible signature due to various reasons such as the passage of time, damage, or different artistic conventions of the period.