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Wayne Thiebaud is one.

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Q: What artists are famous for drawing sweets?
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Who are famous artists who draw insects?

There are a lot of famous artists who draw insects. Such artists include Maria Sibylla Merian who started drawing insects at age thirteen.

Who are the famous artists using pencil drawing animals?

Harish Kumar Prajapati

What artists draw machinery?

Some artists known for drawing machinery include H.R. Giger, Syd Mead, and Ralph McQuarrie. These artists are famous for their detailed and imaginative illustrations of futuristic and mechanical designs.

What is drawing with coal called?

Artists use charcoal for drawing. The drawing is a charcoal drawing or sketch.

What is The Drawing Center's Viewing Program?

The Drawing Center's Viewing Program offers young emerging artists the opportunity to have their work displayed in the gallery along with other famous work. This program was established in 1977.

What are the famous artists in Poland?

Who are the famous artists in Poland

How do artists use drawing for social or political commentary?

The artists use drawing to highlight various social or political commentary by using the cartoons.

What artists draw bodies?

Artists who draw bodies are called figure drawers. Some believe that figure drawing is the most difficult form of drawing.

What has the author Daniel Marcus Mendelowitz written?

Daniel Marcus Mendelowitz has written: 'Children are artists' -- subject(s): Child artists 'Drawing, a study guide' -- subject(s): Drawing, History, Technique 'Mendelowitz's Guide to drawing' -- subject(s): Drawing, Technique 'Drawing' -- subject(s): Drawing, History, Technique

What artists used brush and ink?

Those have been used for drawing by many European artists, but most famously by Chinese artists.

When was Famous Artists School created?

Famous Artists School was created in 1948.

How were logos made before computer drawing packages were invented?