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One more crack like that and I'll plaster you!

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Q: What did the painter say to the wall?
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Why is mama irritated by the painter lady in the story called the war of the wall?

Mama is irritated by the painter lady because she feels that the painter doesn't respect the community's wishes or values by painting the wall without asking permission. Mama sees the wall as a symbol of unity and tradition, while the painter disrupts this by taking matters into her own hands.

In the story war of the wall why was mama irratated by the painter lady?

mama was irritated by the painter lady because the painter lady keeped asking her what they had and if the had what she was asking for

In war of the wall what does the painter lady paint?

the lady paints a picture on the wall. its that simple. open your mind.

What actors and actresses appeared in Over the Wall - 2011?

The cast of Over the Wall - 2011 includes: Blat Artista Astratto as Painter Genna Iura as Painter Adwoa Kamila Lumor as Modella

If you are painting a room pink and green how should you paint the walls?

Just normally like a painter, you have to be like a painter and think like a painter in order to deceide how you'll paint your wall.

Who invented mural painting?

Some Stone Age painter on a cave wall.

What do the narrator and the painter have in common in the story waro f the wall?

sadness of jimmy

Who did the painter Edouard Manet say he regarded as the greatest painter ever?

Diego Velázquez.

What is the conflict in Toni Cade Bambara's story the war of the wall?

That The Painter Lady has painted the wall and the neighborhoods are angry because the painter lady has no right to come to her neighborhood and paint the wall...

What painter signed with initials AW?

Sir Augustus Wall Callcott (1770-1844), English painter. =-D I have some of his art myself beautiful paintings!

Is it correct to say that a painter may be an artist?


How do you say painter in Spanish?