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To Serve as an historical document. (Apex)

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To serve as a historical document

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Who painted the painting with black lines that make squares filled with primary colors?

You may be thinking of Josef Albers.

What is the primary purpose of Diego Velazquez paintings?

To serve as a historical document.

What was Goya's approach to painting?

Serious(: Yeaa I got to Connections Academy....

Is a painting of queen Elizebeth a primary or secondary source?

it is both because it was painted in the time of the event and also people can look at the paintings and do a similar one to it, so it is after the event

What style was Faith Ringgold?

Is a medieval painting showing village life a primary or secondary source?


Is painting primary or secondary source?

It really depends on if the painting was done in the time period in question. If the painting was done in the time period, it is a primary source. But, If you are using this for an essay, make sure to consult your teacher.

Examples of primary sources?

Whats the difference between Primary and secondary sources

What are the 3 primary colors in painting?

The primary colours in painting and all situations are blue yellow red

Who is the French painter who painted in blocks of primary colors?

Francois Morellet

Who was the artist who painted the sistene chapel?

Roman Catholic AnswerMany different artists, over the years were involved in painting St. Peter's. Michelangelo was the primary architect for the original building that now stands, which other architects who finished the work including the nave and the facade. For the story and the names, please see the link below.

What is the definition of white primary?

The lighting color wheel is different from a painting color wheel. If the painting primary colors of red-yellow-blue are added in equal amount, the result is black. If using lighting primary colors of red green and blue lights, the result is primary white.