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Paul Gauguin did.

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Q: What famous French painter escaped European civilation after moving in 1891?
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Who is French painter E Gallois?

1882-1965 french painter

Who was the French painter who painted many paintings of ballerinas?

Edgar Degas (1834-1917), French painter.

French painter beginning with U?

Maurice Utrillo, painter of Paris views.

Which painter is Kai Wong linked to?

Jean-Leon Gerome, the 18th-century French painter.

List of artis with name begins at D?

Dali, Salvador (Spanish painter) Degas (French Impressionist) Devinchi, Leonardo (sp?) Italian Painter Dali, Salvador (Spanish painter) Degas (French Impressionist) DaVinci, Leonardo (sp?) Italian painter Durer, Albrecht German painter and engraver

How do youn spell painter in french?


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Were there many french aristocrats during the french revolution that escaped France?

yes there were some that escaped through back roads to other countries in europe

Who was Leonard French influenced by?

Leonard French's work was influenced by the French painter, Fernard Léger.

What do you mean by Rousseau?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Swiss-French philosopher 1712-1778 Théodore Rousseau French painter 1812-1867 Henri Rousseau French painter 1844-1910

Famous artist whos name begins with m?

Edouward Manet, 1832-1883, French painter Claude Monet, 1840-1926, French painter

Was Henry Matisse a French artist?

Yes, Henri Matisse is a French painter.