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JMW Turner.

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Q: What is the name of the famous English painter known for seaside scenes?
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Name the artist who is famous for his active scenes of peasants?

Pieter Bruegel, Flemish painter c1525-1569.

Who was Sir Alfred Munnings?

Sir Alfred Mummings (1878-1959) was an English painter who specialized in scenes that included horses.

Who is the Florentine painter of Scenes from the Life of Christ?


What artists paint nature scenes?

Robert Bateman is the most famous in this life time

Who was the painter whose pictures showed colorful scenes from nature?


Who is j m gallais?

A painter of new york city scenes

Can you suggest an artist with initials RW who painted seaside scenes?

I have a picture that sounds just like this! Have you had any joy?

What are some of the works of the painter Childe Hassam?

Childe Hassam is mostly known for urban and coastal scenes. His most famous works include a group of about thirty paintings known as the Flag series.

Who was the French fauvist painter noted for colorful scenes of alfresco events?

Raoul Dufy

What was Gerard Dou famous for?

Gerard Dou (also known as Gerrit Dou and Gerrit Douw) was a Dutch Golden-Age painter. He is most known for his trompe l'oeil paintings and candle-light scenes.

What famous french impressionist painter was famous for his bridge paintings?

Probably Claude Monet. He painted numerous scenes of water lilies and flowers. Another artist, technically a Post-Impressionist, Vincent van Gogh also painted apple blossoms, iris and sunflowers.

Was James Pollard a impressionist painter?

James Pollard, British painter and aquatint engraver was noted for his coach, fox hunting and equine scenes. His work is in no way impressionistic.