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Oil on canvas.

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Q: What techniques did Paolo Uccello use when painting Saint George and the dragon?
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What were King George V's tattoos?

His Majesty King George V had a tattoo of a red dragon on his left arm. He also had a small tattoo of the Jerusalem Cross.

What is the famous art story of a dragon?


What are Kate Benyon's famous artworks?

I did some research on famous artworks by Kate Benyon. They are:Lindy Lee (Year of the Dragon)Sangeeta and FujiYin in the Lotus fieldAcrobats of the Dragon boat tail

Where do i find out about a dutch artist who signs his paintings with an insect rather than a name?

The German painter Lucas Cranach signed his paintings with a tiny dragon.

Romanov house badge?

The Imperial Double Eagle was the national emblem under the Czars. There are a number of varieties, some have two heads sharing one crown, some have two crowns and some- do not confuse with the Italian ( Triple Crown) have three! On the Eagle"s Breast is a scene of a Knight fighting a Dragon- the Saint George bit, the Order of ST. George was a war medal that came in several classes for valor in action, and in some cases a (House Order) There were miniatures for Princes- such as The Grand Duke=Czarevich- Alexis- they resembled the familiar German (Iron Cross) in shape but they had the Saint George logo in the center, and were , depending on ranks and grade, either silver or Platinum, not Iron. The Field Grade badge- limited to officers of Field Grade ( major and above) was worn about the neck like the German (Blue Max) after which it may have been patterned, this was a white enamelled Platinum Maltese ( don"t say Iron) Cross of eight points. There was also an Alexandra cross which was not a war medal- but a House Order limited to Female members of the Imperial family- there were five made- Original One for the Czarina, and one for each primary Grand Duchess ( Nicolai"s four daughters) interestingly other noblewomen of Grand Ducal rank- such as Princess Elizabeth who was the sister of the Czar, while princesses, were not eligible for the Alexandra Cross. the Alexandra Cross was platinum with a malachite ( green enamelled) inset. Only five were made not counting wearing copies for parties and what we would now call press conferences, a (social gathering) at the Kremlin, e.g. One and possibly two of these priceless items survived the revolution- being Platnum they are rugged, and one was exhibited in New York in the mid-thirties at a department store by a Russian charitable group. I know, My dad saw it with his girlfriend, who was of the Sovietskaya Ukraine, as she styled it and a deep-purple Anastasia fan.

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Raphael's paintings of a young knight defeating a dragon and saving the princess are typical interpretations of the legend of?

Saint George. The legend of Saint George typically involves a brave knight saving a princess by slaying a fearsome dragon. This imagery has been depicted in art and literature over the centuries, including in Raphael's famous painting "Saint George and the Dragon."

What has the author George Scharf written?

George Scharf has written: 'The Roman court' -- subject(s): Sydenham Crystal Palace 'On a votive painting of Saint George and the dragon, with kneeling figures of Henry VII, hisQueen, and children'

What was the Production Budget for George and the Dragon?

The Production Budget for George and the Dragon was $32,000,000.

When was George and the Dragon released?

George and the Dragon was released on 12/31/2004.

Was Saint George a soldier or a dragon slayer?

George was a Roman soldier. The dragon slaying is a myth.

What is the duration of St. George Shoots the Dragon?

The duration of St. George Shoots the Dragon is 2.5 hours.

How can you use the techniques on left side of the dragon slayer armor without a dragon amulet?

You can't. Period

What saint killed a dangerous dragon?

It is said that Saint George killed a dragon but the story is a myth.

What fairy tale includes a dragon?

St. George and the Dragon.

What are the dragon's parents in the story of St George and the dragon?


Was Saint George's dragon real?

NO! Of course the dragon wasn't St. George's. A dragon can be owned by no man. So if he claimed to HAVE a dragon, it must have been a fake. However, he did fight a dragon, which is a completely different matter...

When was St. George Shoots the Dragon created?

St. George Shoots the Dragon was created on 2009-03-11.