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Oil paintings of abstract landscapes.

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Q: What techniques does Heather Duncan use?
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How tall is Heather Kate Duncan?

Heather Kate Duncan is 5' 8".

Who was the final six on total drama island?

Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff or... Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Mr. Coconut, Leshawna

Does Heather like Duncan TDA?

No.she doesnt like duncan, but she likes alejandro in tdwt

O duncan and courtny break up in tda?

duncan breaks up with courtny and falls for heather! SORRY!

Does duncan kiss heather in total drama action?

Duncan is forced 2 kiss Heather in order 2 pass a challenge, and trust me, neither of them liked it. Heather said he tasted like street. I wonder how she knows what street tastes like though.

What episode of total drama action did duncan and heather kiss?

sadly yes

Where did Heather Duncan go for her art training?

She graduated as a landscape architect in Huddersfield, England.

In TotalDramaAction Does Heather Like Duncan?

Secretly she does! she wants to make love with him! BUT DONT TELL!

Who are the competitors in total drama season 5?

Duncan Gwen Scott Alejandro Lightning Jo Heather Sierra Lindsay Sam Cameron Courtney Zoey Mike

Can you find Duncan in Total Drama Action game?

To find Duncan, start out by going past Chris and Heather, then going down into the woods south of camp. Duncan should be there or in Studio#5

What has the author Benjamin J Duncan written?

Benjamin J. Duncan has written: 'Robot remote control using VR techniques'

Who are the final 7 on toal drama island?

owen, gwen, duncan, heather, DJ, Jeff, Leshawna.