What tribe wasFannie nempayo from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was Hopi

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Q: What tribe wasFannie nempayo from?
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Where did the word vandalism come from?

Vandalism stems from the word Vandals who were members of a Germanic tribe who conquered Spain, North Africa and Rome around 455 AD. They were defeated at Carthage in 533 AD

When were tattoos invented?

No one can say when tattooing was invented but we are all in agreement that it is the world's second oldest profession.....Nobody was ever meant to be tattooed but because we have the ability to heal up from wounds and scars we can be tattooed..... My vision of it was something like this: Several cavemen were sitting by a fire eating something when one of them reached over another to grab a piece of his food.... Caveman 2 didnt like this idea and grabbed a burning stick from the fire and stuck caveman 1 in the hand with it... A number of days later caveman 2 noticed that Mr. 1 still had the mark on his hand and thought that if he could make connecting marks like that he could make a simple design, maybe branding Mr. 1 as a food thief..... Realizing that that far back in time there was no qualms about nudity, after all you covered yourself to protect yourself from the elements, so if it was clear and warm and sunny you probably didn't wear much at all..... Which meant if you saw someone from a distance you really couldn't tell if they were from your tribe or not....So cave man no. 2 was given the task of making marks on the body so you could tell if the wearer was from your tribe, whether he was a hunter, a warrior, their rank int the tribe...ect., etc, and of course etcetera..... So the first tattooed markings were tribal, literally....The oldest evidence of tattoos were on the frozen caveman found in the alps and figure to be over 5500 yrs. old.... Which proves that even today a good tattoo is your best investment you can make.....After all what else will you buy in 2009, and take it with you when you go!!!

Jimmy Pike the famous aboriginal artist?

Aboriginal jimmy pike lived in a bush camp on the edge of the great sandy desert of North Western Australia where he did his paintings. Dping art which became so well known he didnt move into a farm like most of his tribe 'walmajarri people' he stayed where he was rite upto the late 1950's! He spent most of his life as a no-body! for many years he made money carving and selling artifacts, it wasnt until 1981 that he was first introduced to Western style art!, he stayed in the same place until 2002 where he sadly passed away his art is in many gallerys!! == ==

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