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Most often acrylic paint. One type is called magna.

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Q: What type of paint did Lichtenstein use?
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What media does Roy Lichtenstein work in?

Lichtenstein used oil and Magna paint in his paintings. He has also created sculptures.

What was the subject matter for Roy Lichtenstein to paint?

Enlarged comic strips.

How many drawings did Roy Lichtenstein paint?

0 hes a ghost

How long did the 'drowning girl' take to paint?

Roy Lichtenstein has not told us.

In early pop dot paintings roy lichtenstein used what to paint the dots?

a stencil

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What type of colour are use to paint thermocouple?

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What media was Roy Lichtenstein's 'Thinking of Him' painted with?

Lichtenstein's 'Thinking of Him': Magna on canvas....... 68 x 68 inches; 172.7 x 172.7 cm .. ..1963. Magna is a kind of acrylic paint.

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What prospective did Roy lichtenstein use?


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