What was durer known for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Albrecht Durer was most famous for his woodcuts. He was a Renaissance man, also accomplished in painting, printmaking, and mathematics.

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Q: What was durer known for?
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What is Albert Durer famous for?

Albretch Durer's most popular work was Praying Hands, also known as Hands of an Apostle.

Which northern European Renaissance artist is known as the Leonardo of the North?

Albrecht Durer

Who is Chase Durer and what does he do?

Chase-Durer is a company that makes luxury watches. One of their better known watches is the Special Forces 1000XL, worn by Michael Westen in the television series, "Burn Notice."

What is Albrecht Durer's full name?

As far as is known his full name was indeed Albrecht Dürer.

When was Durer alive and when did he die?

Durer was born in 1471 in Germany. He lived to be 57 years. Unfortunately, Durer died in 1528.

What is Durer known for?

He was a very important German painter and graphic artist. To learn more click link below!

What was Albrecht Durer's nickname?

Albrecht Durer's nickname was "The Leonardo of the North."

Why did Durer travel as young man?

wolgemut advised durer to venture out and expierience the renisanse PEN15

What are the release dates for Faces of Durer - 2011?

Faces of Durer - 2011 was released on: USA: 14 December 2011

How did matthias grunewald and hieronymus bosch's styles differ from durer's?

Matthias Grunewald and Hieronymus Bosch were known for their highly imaginative and fantastical artworks with strong emotional and spiritual undertones, while Albrecht Durer was more focused on precise realism and proportion. Grunewald and Bosch used rich symbolism and symbolism to convey their messages, whereas Durer emphasized technical skill and classical beauty in his works.

When did Albert Durer die?

Albert Durer died April 6, 1528 in Nuremberg, Germany when he was 56 years old.

Where was Durer born?

At Nuremberg, Germany.