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Q: What was the first painting j. vincent scarpace made?
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When did Vincent van Gogh first start drawing?

Of course he made drawings as a child. Painting is not the same as drawing!His first painting is from 1881 when he was 18.

Whose has made the painting sunflower?

vincent van gogh

What is the name of the painting Vincent van goh made in the 1800s?

the yellow house

What types of painting does Vincent van goth do?

If you mean Vincent van GOGH the answer is that he made oil paintings of all kinds of subjects around him.

What did van Gogh use to make the painting called post?

There is no painting called Post. Vincent did paint a portrait of a postman. It was made with oil paint on canvas.

What was special about Vincent van goghs art?

Vincent van Gogh was special because he was cool and he made up some new way op painting or something

Where were Vincent van Gogh's painting made?

They were made at Etten Drenthe The Hague Nuenen Antwerp Paris Arles Saint-Rémy Auvers

What was almond blossoms by vincent van gogh art work made with?

This great painting was made with a brush and oil paint, just like all of his paintings!

Who made starry night painting?

The song is "Vincent" (1971). The song was written and recorded by Don McLean and is sometimes referred to by the name "Starry Starry Night."It is dedicated to famous post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), whose best known work includes an 1889 painting called The Starry Night.

How much did Vincent Van Gogh's paintings sell for when he first made them?

Like many artists, he became famous after he died. Poor guy was poor all his life. He sold one painting, he got 200 francs.

Where was the first abstract painting made?

Wassily Kandisky

How long did the artworks take to finish for Vincent van Gogh?

He did not tell us, but in the last few months he made one painting every day.