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This Degas painting was started in 1858, finished 1867.

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Q: When was the painting The Bellelli Family made?
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Is The Bellelli Family painting the biggest one Edgar Degas made?

Yes, it is.

What was degas most famous painting?

Probably the Bellelli Family, maybe not. Just a guess.

When was The Bellelli Family created?

The Bellelli Family was created in 1867.

How much does the painting The Bellelli Family in the Louvre museum in Paris cost?

Since the painting is the property of that museum (Musée d'Orsay) it is not for sale, and so there is no price.

What is some work degas did?

He did lots of ballet dancers...over half of his work depicts ballet dancers, in fact. One famous painting he did was called The Bellelli Family. Hope this helps!

What was Edgar Degas known for painting the most of?

Early in his career, his ambition was to be a history painter. He also painted portraits of individuals and groups, but was most famous for horses and dancers. Here are some of his pieces, The Bellelli Family The Dance Class At The Races

What kind of major art work did Edgar Degas do?

He is famous for his studies of ballet dancers in rehearsal and on stage.Several portraits of his relatives, best known is The Bellelli Family.

When was The Holy Family - Collinson painting - created?

The Holy Family - Collinson painting - was created in 1878.

Where can you have your family photo made into an oil painting?

Do you mean a real hand-painted oil painting? If yes, you can have a look at this site, ,you can upload your photo onto this site and do the steps as instructed; their artist will paint a painting for you.

Is a painting a secondary source?

A painting is a secondary source. A painting may be done years after the event has happened.For example, the painting of Betsy Ross showing the American flag she made to George Washington is in many textbooks. The painting was made by an artist commissioned by a member of Betsy Ross' family. There is no proof that Betsy Ross actually made this flag.

When was the painting The Family of Carlos IVcreated?

The painting of "Family of Carlos IV" was painted by Francisco Goya in 1800 and consisted of oil on canvas.

What is the subject matter of the artwork if any for the painting The Family of Carlos IV?

It was the 13 people in the painting