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Such paintings are favorites among Christian viewers. Your question implies you think there is just one paiting of this subject. This is not the case, there have been hundreds of such paintings over the centuries.

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Q: What was the reaction of the Madonna and child painting?
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Who is the child shown in the painting Madonna enthroned with saints?

Chiseled gas

When was Madonna - song - created?

Madonna and Child is a painting by Duccio di Buoninsegnaand it was painted during the 1300's.

Who painted the Madonna and child painting within the Chigi chapel in Rome?

Sandro Boticelli

Where is the Madonna and Child now by Raphel?

The painting by Raphael, circa 1503, is at the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California.

What influenced the artist when painting Madonna and child?

There are a few references to art works 'Madonna and Child' under the search Lorenzo (name in alternate question) and a few different artists. Be more specific when asking about a work of art.

What type of art is Madonna in the Meadow?

"Madonna in the Meadow" is a painting by Raphael, an Italian Renaissance artist, created in 1505-1506. It is a prime example of Raphael's use of classical composition and harmonious balance of figures in his art. The painting features the Madonna with child, a common subject in Christian art.

What are paintings of Mary or saints called?

A painting of the Virgin Mary is frequently called a Madonna, especially if she is pictured holding the child Jesus.

What artist made the painting 'Madonna of the Rocks'?

Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio; 1483-1520.)But not just Raphael painted a Madonna and Child. There are many artists who painted Madonna and Child, such as Hans Memling. There are hundreds of paintings of Mary and Jesus/Madonna and Child.Additional answer:The painter who has painted the most works of this subject was the Venetian Giovanni Bellini (c 1430-1516)

How much does Botticelli's The Birth of Venus cost?

Some time ago a Botticelli 'Madonna and Child Painting' was sold at auction for $7.5 Million.

Where is Madonna painting by Kaulbach?

I presume you mean the painting by Hermann Kaulbach, showing the madonna looking at the baby Jesus. It is sold in reproduction by most poster shops. This painting is in a (not specified) private collection.

How did the black Madonna painting get black?

with brown paint

Why did the painting by Titian altered the traditional approach to painting the Madonna?

Placed her away from the center of the composition