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I presume you mean the painting by Hermann Kaulbach, showing the madonna looking at the baby Jesus. It is sold in reproduction by most poster shops.

This painting is in a (not specified) private collection.

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Q: Where is Madonna painting by Kaulbach?
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What is the birth name of Fridtjof Kaulbach?

Fridtjof Kaulbach's birth name is Herman Rudolf Ferdinand Fridtjof Kaulbach.

What has the author Hermann Kaulbach written?

Hermann Kaulbach has written: 'Bilderbuch'

When did Wilhelm von Kaulbach die?

Fridtjof Kaulbach died on September 12, 1968, in Denmark.

When did Friedrich Kaulbach die?

Friedrich Kaulbach died on 1903-09-17.

When was Friedrich Kaulbach born?

Friedrich Kaulbach was born on 1822-07-08.

When was Wilhelm von Kaulbach born?

Wilhelm von Kaulbach was born in 1805.

How did the black Madonna painting get black?

with brown paint

When was Fridtjof Kaulbach born?

Fridtjof Kaulbach was born on May 26, 1901, in Germany.

Why did the painting by Titian altered the traditional approach to painting the Madonna?

Placed her away from the center of the composition

When did Friedrich August von Kaulbach die?

Friedrich August von Kaulbach died in 1920.

When did Fridjof von Kaulbach die?

Fridjof von Kaulbach died on September 12, 1968.

When did Tilly von Kaulbach die?

Tilly von Kaulbach died on June 1, 1966.