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Well Jasper Johns has more than one work titled "Flag" but his most famous is in the negative so that means the white is black, blue is orange and red is green.

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Q: What were the colours used by Jasper Johns in Flag?
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What color schemes are used by jasper johns?

complementary colours

What Media did Jasper Johns use?

the media he used is painting,

What is Jasper johns most famous artwork?

FLAG 1954-55 Museum of Modern Art.Based on collective citations from forty art historians/authors, the most famous painting by Jasper Johns is Three Flags(1958, encaustic on canvas, Whitney Museum of Art, New York), followed by Target with Four Faces (1955, Museum of Modern Art).

When did Jasper Johns paint his last target picture?

he painted it because he was thinking about is said that he used the prinmary colures

What brush strokes are used in Jasper Johns American b 1930 Numbers 1939 Oil on Wood?

whats the subject matter

What type of painting uses wax?

Encaustic is a technique used in the Roman Empire. See Link! It has also been used by Diego Rivera and Jasper Johns.

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Which are not common subjects of Jasper Johns's art work A common objects and images plus appropriation of common signs and products B large human portraits C architecture D landscapes?

These not common subjects of Jasper Johns's art work B large human portraits C architecture D landscapes. He used common objects and images plus appropriation of common signs and products.

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