Where did Brett Whiteley grow up?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Brett Whiteley grew up in Longueville New South Wales Australia

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Q: Where did Brett Whiteley grow up?
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What nationality is Brett whiteley?

Brett Whiteley's nationality is Australian.

Who was vanessa in brett whiteley's mixed media 1985?

Vanessa was a friend of Brett Whiteley.

Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art in school?

Brett Whiteley did enjoy art in school that's why he became an artist

Where was Brett whiteley born?

in Alaska

What are Brett Whiteley's famous paintings?

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Brett Whiteley Opera House?

Brett Whiteley is known for painting a picture of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. He painted it in the year 1982.

Where did Brett whiteley live?

he lived in sydney

What subject matter did Brett Whiteley paint?

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Why did Brett Whiteley paint the Olgas?


What influences did Brett Whiteley have?

Brett was influenced by everyday objects, and the realism of everything and everyone.

When was Brett whiteley born?

April 7th 1939

Why did Brett Whiteley become an artist?

While Brett Whiteley was at school in Bathurst, he was interested in landscape painting and became influenced by the Post Impressionists. The artist Vincent van Gogh espicially interested him and Whiteley refered to him in many of his artworks.