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Prout's Neck, Maine. His brother owned a house there.

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Q: Where did Winslow Homer complete most of his sea painting?
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What is winslow homer best known for?

A Visit from the Old Mistress is Winslow Homer's most famous painting. It was painted in 1876. He also did Cloud Shadows in 1890.

Did winslow homer have any brothers or sisters?

Homer never married and in his most productive years lived a highly secluded life, seemingly content according to his letters and family accounts. Winslow Homer was not married and is not known to have had children.

What schooling did winslow homer have?

He was schooled my his mother most of his life and never really went to a real school.

What is a First Day of Issue of the Winslow Homer stamp worth?

Scott Number 1207 pictures a small ship at sea painted by Winslow Homer. This 4c stamp was issued in 1962. It has a minimal value used and can be purchased for 50 cents in mint condition.

Two of Homer's most famous works are?

The Iliad and The Odyssey are two of Homer's most famous works.

Where was Homer the poet born?

Homer was most likely born Inoia or Chios

What are two of Homer's most famous works are?

Two of Homer's most famous works are the Iliad and the Odyssey

Who does homer hate most?


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What are the sights to be seen in Winslow?

One of the most popular sights to see in Winslow, Arizona is the meteor crater. A meteor struck very near to Winslow and the crater still remains. The crater is over 500 feet deep and over 2 miles wide.

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What is homer's most famous book?

The odyssey