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Q: Which creative art is famous of Percy granger?
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Is art a famous hobby?

Yes it is to creative people

How art effect your life?

art can make u creative and if ur good enuf u could become rich and famous

What makes ART art?

Creative expression.

What is a creative name for an Art Store?

Tart art!

What is the creative art?

it is bologna.

What is the meaning of creative art?

it means the creation of art x

What is the best website for creative girls?

A website about art and crafts and creative things. (:

There are many ways of being creative?

This statement is true, there are many ways to be creative. You can be creative in writing, art, and music.

What are the job duties of an artist?

To make shows, selling art. Mostly to be creative.

What are the two characteristic of art?

Concentration and creative

What are stylistic characteristics of art?

Concentration and creative

Why photography is an art?

It is an art because it takes skill and technique and is a creative outlet.