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Q: Which of these artists was best known for painting scenes from small-town American life?
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What did Giotto broke with medieval artistic traditions?

painting realistic scenes on a two-dimensional surface

What is the definition of a representational painting?

depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen as a painting

What kind of scenes did raoul dufy paint?

he loved to painting musical scenes, beautiful nature scenes, and buildings (such as the Eiffel tower)

What artists paint nature scenes?

Robert Bateman is the most famous in this life time

How did Giotto break with medieval artistic traditions?

painting realistic scenes on a two-dimensional surface

What is plein-air painting?

I am looking for a professional painting company for many days, then my friend told me about Solutionspainting. They provide great work of interior home painting with an experienced team. I strongly suggested you hire Solutionspainting for the Residential Painting Services because I have very good experience with them. Thanks to my friend who recommended me for Solutionspainting.

Who is BR Greene I have a painting sign by him called Autumn posture is he famaus?

He is Bruce Green, considered to be the 'cowboy artist'. He has been instrumental in painting beautiful ranch scenes and realistic cowboy scenes.

What Type of art was there during the american revolution?

The type of art during the American Revolution was mostly portrait paintings. Artists would travel from one Colony to another doing portraits of people that could afford to pay. There were some artists that also painted battle scenes during the many battles that came about.

What great dutch artists specialize bible scenes?

There are a number of Dutch painters that painted Biblical scenes, The most prolific being Rembrandt.

What is that painting with the polio girl on a hillside in a pink dress?

I think you are referring to a painting titled 'Christina's World' by American painter Andrew Wyeth. The style of the painting is called magical realism, in which everyday scenes are imbued with poetic mystery. The challenge in this painting, according to Wyeth, was to do justice to her extraordinary conquest of a life which most people would consider hopeless.

What artist like to paint ballet live?

Edgar Degas is known for painting ballet scenes.

Jean Antoine Watteau was a French rococo who was best known for painting?

Charming, theatrical scenes.