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There are many things that artists do that may be considered processes. This list is organized by what stage of an artwork's production the process falls under, and is by no means all inclusive. Please add any process you know of to the appropriate part of the list.


  • Research: an artist will look into different cultures, political ideas, and/or social trends to find ideas and inspiration. The artist will also research different techniques he may want to use.
  • Planning: most artists will have a composition, and a series of techniques prepared before they begin their piece of art. Some will use these as guidelines, others will have all details of the piece planned.


  • Painting Processes
  • Clay Processes


  • Publishing: artists will work to get a piece into art journals by working with editors.
  • Showing: artists will coordinate with curators from galleries or museums to put their works on display. Often this involves a viewing where the artist interacts with people at the gallery.
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Q: Which processes are done by the artist?
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